Northern Natter

As some of you chuffers keep asking me what I mean by saying I’m Northern, I’ve decided to create this ‘Northern Natter‘ section. You’ll be in for a right treat, cock, as I’ll be sharing some of the cool creative bits that we have to offer up North in the UK. I hope you enjoy learning a bit about my regional identity. 


‘Northern’ is a multi-layered sub-culture originating from the North of United Kingdom. Northern identity stems from working class culture that has historical significance both past, present, at home & internationally.

Northern Jollies

Mooch: Up North

Let me show you a few of the North’s creative gems. From independent boutiques and coffee shops, to galleries and gigs. Something for your creative bucketlists!

Don't Be A Stranger

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Northern Bangers

Class Culture

Explore how Northern Working class culture impacts not only the people of the region, but also around the world. A look at the vibrant creative scene,  some northern nostalgia, with a splash of powerhouse goals.

The North Is Open!!

Now more than ever, we need to embrace the power of the collective and show how sharing and blending cultures leads the way. So, let me help you to discover the work of some European Creatives in the North of the UK, as well as northern Creatives in Europe. 

Manci Slang

A site by a Northerner… I best teach you a bit of  northern slang with me ‘Manci Slang’ Pinterest board.