Euro-Travel For Creative Juice

By A Manky Mouthed Northerner


Ey up, cock! I’m a Northern Creative who loves to euro-travel for inspiration and have a laugh along the way. So, Manci Mouth is a place where I share my ‘Manci Travels’ – blogs + vlogs about my own inspo trips, bucket list finds, and chat Eurovision.

Starting a blog was a way for me to meet other likeminded people. Those who love to euro-travel arts + culture for creative inspo… BUT the kind who don’t take themselves so chuffin’ seriously! 

I believe that ANYBODY can euro-travel for arts+culture to spark a creative idea that can change their life, work, career, or even have a positive impact on the world… Without being a snotty pretentious dick about it. 

Ey Up! It’s Me, Sam

I’m a Northern Creative from a working class background i.e. started with chuff all money or connections. It means I’ve had to work my bloody arse off to achieve anything in the world of arts + culture! If only my journey had been as easy and straightforward as my list below sounds:

? I studied languages with an Erasmus year split between Berlin and Paris.
?I did an MSc in International Fashion Marketing.
?I moved to London where my career involved working with the upper class.
?Now, I’m back up North working as a Freelancer – during Rona times!!! ?

The diverse mix of experiences, cultures and classes has made me all the more creative. Creative thinking is a life skill that everybody needs to develop and has gotten me through many a struggle.

BUT…the different situations have also opened my eyes to lots of societal inequalities and injustices. It fuels me to try and help others, and it’s what guides my Manci Values. 

Manci Values

ANYBODY can learn how to eurotravel for arts+Culture to develop creative thinking, and spark an idea that can change their world.

Diversity sparks creativity, if everybody was the same, we’d have less creative ideas. Accept and welcome those who are different from you.

You often meet pretentious or snobby people within the arts but you don’t have to change to fit in. Accept that’s who they are and stay you. Diversity is key, and others shouldn’t make you feel like you’re not ‘good enough’ to belong. Rise above them.

Support other Creatives, and promote their work. Not all Creatives are born equal. We don’t all have the same financial means or connections, and being a Professional Creative can be hard. If you’ve ever experienced that, it feels good to help prevent others from going through the same.

I know I know humour is subjective but my point is, have a laugh, love! You don’t have to act all serious to be taking something serious. No room for pretentious stick-in-the-muds in the Manci Mouth community.

Creativity is getting out into the world, sucking up what’s around us to pop out new designs, new concepts, and new perspectives.

What’s In A Name

‘Manci Mouth’ is a word play on ‘Manc’ (coming from Manchester way), and the Manc slang ‘Manky’ which means filthy or vulgar. Well, I have a strong Northern accent, love a good swear, and am filled to the rim with Northern wit. So, if the hat fits!
I’m staying true to me Northern roots with a Northern voice, and I’ve created the ‘Northern Natter’ section for those who want to learn a bit more about my regional identity or see what creative bits ‘n’ bobs we have to offer. You might also find my ‘Manci Slang’ Pinterest board handy.

And yep, sometimes I write ‘me’ rather than ‘my’ just because it sounds like me accent. Whilst living down South, professionally I was always asked to sound less Northern, and even now I get negative comments about my Northern accent on YouTube. Don’t worry, I’ve got it off me chest by writing a post about Glottophobia (Linguistic Discrimination) here. 

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