From beltin’ Balkan Beats to Euro Dance Bangers or catchy German Schlagers, this is the place to discover new European music.
I’ll also be dipping in and out of the world of Eurovision sharing my fave new finds from its National Selections, whilst also tracking down new music from the contests’ past faces. 
It’s easy to find new favourite Artists during the Eurovision season and all of its national selections. It’s also just as easy to forget about them after the shows if they’re not being promoted in your country. So, let’s track down a few of our past faves and see what they’ve been up to.
I used to blog Eurovision news as it happened, but from Eurovision 2021 onward, I’ll just be sharing my fave finds from all of the National Selections and the contest itself. 
The Eurovision Song Contest has been running since the 1950’s! It promotes both cultural and regional identities, and unifies millions of people yearly. Keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of Eurovision 2020 below.
Gone but not forgotten! Wander back in time and recap on all of the Eurovision 2019 news. From popping our Fikmas cherry as National Selections kicked off to celebrating the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final, you’ll find all of the 2019 news here.