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With Manci Mouth you’ll discover all of the beltin’ arts + culture that Europe has to offer with a splash of Northern wit. Created by Northerner, Samantha Robinson who loves a spot of creative solo-travelling, it’s also a place to get inspiration for your next creative travels around Europe, and connect with other solo travellers.

Ey Up! It’s me, Sam.

Ever since studying languages at uni and making a mix of European friends, I’ve had a love for exploring European arts + culture. So, I initially began Manci Mouth on YouTube to meet like-minded people.

Coming from the North West of the UK, I often get comments on YouTube asking me about my northern accent… and sometimes they can be pretty negative! (I’ve written a post about Glottophobia (Linguistic Discrimination) here). So, I’ve created the ‘Northern Natter’ section to share a bit about my regional identity, and promote the creative bits which my corner of the world has to offer.

Manci Mission

If you don’t believe in pigeonholing. If you like a mix of low and high brow things. If you enjoy exploring other cultures but love your own culture too. This is a place to share it all without being judged.

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