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Manc’s Saucy Neapolitan Sandwiches

pic via Insta @mira.mcr

Mira Mcr at THE CROWN AND KETTLE PUB: 2 Oldham Rd, Ancoats, Manchester M4 5FE

pic via Insta @mira.mcr

Fancying an authentic meatball sub? Aren’t we all! Well, today’s find is Mira Mcr which swings by The Crown and Kettle pub a few times each week with their saucy Neapolitan sandwiches.

Apparently the Cuzzetiello is a Sunday staple in Naples. Traditionally the rustic bread is called pane cafone, and it’s packed to the rim with juicy meatballs.

Google also tells me that the tradition is all about the ‘scarpetta’. That’s an Italian term for mopping up all of the sauce left on your plate with bread. Directly translated as “little shoe,” – a shoe, which just like the bread on the plate, drags up what’s on the ground.

pic via Insta @mira.mcr

Look bottom left of the pic below… Yep, they’ve slapped a fish dinner inside one! I do love it when you fuse two cultures together and invent something new. I’d have a nosh on one of these! Give me Friday chippy tea a carbier twist.

pic via Insta @mira.mcr

You may also be chuffed to hear that if you’re a vegan, you can opt for a JUICY GINE. It’s stuffed with sweet and smoky vegan aubergine parmigiana and Mira-made cashew cheese, and fresh basil and urfa pepper. Beltin!

pic via Insta @mira.mcr

Found a tasty foodie fusion that I should know about? Plop it in me comments, love.




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