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Whiskey Powered Trucks

Image via Glenfiddich

Yep, you’ve read that right, love. Whiskey powered trucks. Trucks that not only deliver the stuff but also run off the tipple too!

So, let’s talk whiskey trucks! First time for everything on this site. It’s the Scottish company Glenfiddich that has launched a fleet of trucks which run on green biogas made from the company’s own whiskey waste. Ultra low carbon gas. Technology developed in-house. AND they plan to roll it out to all their fleets. It’ll cut the company’s carbon emissions significantly. It’s great to see a company trying to make a positive change.

Green Thinking

We officially got told yesterday that climate change is threatening humanity, and we have to make immediate changes. So, it’s got me thinking that we’re going to need a shitload of creative ideas to help save ourselves from this one.

I already have a Green Thinking section on me site but I’ll probably be adding more and more to that section to try and help get others’ creative juices flowing! We can’t save the planet on our own, but we can all make small changes that collectively will make a whopping difference. The more creative solutions we see, the more creative solutions it’ll inspire. Plus if you’re a small business owner who needs to change your processes, you’ll need all of the inspo you can get!

Spotted a belter of a green solution in the UK or Europe? Share in my comments for a feature, love.




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