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Ukraine: Tattoo Parlour That Feels Like A Gallery

Pic via Insta @619studio

6:19 Studio: Voloska St, 50/38, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04071

Pic via Insta @619studio

Merging two different things to make a new creative idea is what it’s all about, love. Now, see what the belters at Kyiv’s 6:19 Studio have been up to. This tattoo parlour’s interior design makes it feel like your in a minimalist gallery rather than getting inked!

Pic via Insta @619studio

Tattoo Artists are Artists after all, so why not have a shop that feels like a gallery?! Plus, the more creative a space feels, the more your creative juices get flowing, and the better of a job you do.

Pic via Insta @619studio

The studio is filled with art like the statue by local artist Сhristina Ridzel below, so it really is like you’re having a nice little gallery day trip out.

6:19 TATTOO STUDIO also has a merchandise shop too. I’m seeing totes. I’m seeing minimal hoodies. Have a look on their separate Insta @619studio.merch here.

Pic via Insta @619studio

The tattoo studio is known for its ultra-fine lined tatts like this crackin tulip below. These kinds of designs swamp Pinterest. I fancy getting one myself but worry that I’ll regret having a tattoo later in life. I’m also so fickle with what I like, I’ll probably just hate what it looks like after a few months!

Pic via Insta @619studio

What do you think of this creative space? Come for a chinwag in me comments, cock.




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