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New Episode: Manci Travels – Me Brno Jollies

Ey up! I’m back with more of me Manci Travels – filmed before the Rona! First up, let me show you what I got up to in Brno, Czechia.

I find a very public glory hole, tell you what I had to do to get a free cup of coffee, and show you how to find a secret bar where you spin a wheel to see how many shots you’ll get in your drink. As well as unearthing lots of other beltin’ creative bits ‘n’ bobs… with a splash of beer gambling!

Have a watch below, cock! And don’t be shy, come for a chinwag if you fancy exchanging some travel tips.

More Info

If you’re a right nosey parker looking for more info on the places and spaces I visited in this week’s vlog, then have a read of the Brno specific blogs on me site ?

? Feeling Hipster at Cafe Atlas Brno here.

? Secret Bar Brno Super Panda Circus here.

? Brno Dobra Kava Good Deed Coffee here.

? Beer Gambling At Pivni Burza Brno here.

? Brno Czechia Starting My Day At Trojka Art Cafe here.

? Brno, Czechia: Vegan Friendly SKØG Cafe here.

? Brno’s Secret Underground World here.

? Strolling + Snapping In Brno here.

? Brno Not Your Average Holiday Snaps here.

Any Brno questions, come ask me in the comments, love.




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