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Double Jabbed Hallelujah!!

lordi getting second Corona jab - www.mancimouth.com
pic via Twitter @thisisFINLAND – Photo by Jouni Porsanger @roikaupunki (Twitter)

As the UK is making a U-Turn on its Obesity campaign by offering the younger generations free kebabs if they get their vaccines, it seems that Finland has a better strategy. Pulling out the big guns, they’ve only gone and snapped a pic of Lordi getting a second jab. The belter!!

I found this shared by @thisisFinland on Twitter. I love Finnish sense of humour. I bet you’d have a right good holiday there. I love a bit of Lordi too but like I’ve always said, they’re crackin but you wouldn’t want to meet them down a dark alley… as in, those monster costumes would make you shit yourself if you wasn’t expecting it!

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Whilst we’re here, we may as well have a listen to the legends on Spotify.

So, get in me comments and tell me, who’s been getting jabbed in your country?




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