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Belfast’s Toast Office

Pic via Insta @toastofficebelfast

Toast Office: 30 Hill St, Belfast BT1 2LG

pic via Insta @toastofficebelfast

The first time that I discovered my love for windows that serve food was when I was drunk in a Berlin club and it had a kebab hole inside. Not even joking! How it should be in my opinion. That point in the night when you’re a little touch and go, and need to mop up the booze with a bit of grease in order to continue your night or otherwise end up sick pissed in a taxi home. Head to the kebab hole! Absolute night savers.

Anyway, on a different note, look at this cool find in Belfast. A window that serves toasties. Love it. You can’t beat a retro toastie. Plus, it’s got a quirky post office theme going on. What more could you ask for?

pic via Insta @toastofficebelfast

Look at the amount of cheese on their toasties too! Plus, after having a right nosey through their Insta, their cool Pride one caught me eye. I wonder how the hell they’ve managed such a cheesy masterpiece. Apparently, it was a limited run for the occasion.

pic via Insta @toastofficebelfast

Did you spy me Vienna: Windows with Coffee Cones post? – Well, am just saying, in a running from the Rona world, we need more contactless windows flogging grub!

pic via Insta @toastofficebelfast

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