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Athletes Fighting Sexist Sportswear

If nobody speaks up, nothing changes. That’s why it’s great to see female professional athletes from Germany and Norway, protesting against the sexist sportswear that they have to wear.

As a free spirit, I often let it all hang out. It’s just a body. If people want to sexualise themselves, then do it. Free Will. In contrast, being told to professionally wear a certain uniform because of your gender that does nothing other than sexualise you, then that’s a big fat go fuck yourself from me!

The Norwegian Beach Hand Ball Team usually have to wear bikini bottoms that do chuff all other than let their arses hang out. Imagine how self conscious they must feel when on the blob! The bikini bottoms aren’t designed to optimise the female form’s athletic performance, so why do they have to be worn?!

The team fought back at the European Beach Handball Championships by wearing shorts that are just like the men’s team. They’ve been threatened with a fine, and Popstar Pink has even caught wind of this, and offered to foot the bill against the sexist institution.

pic via Insta @_kim.bui_

Meanwhile in Deutschland, Germany’s Female Gymnasts are also making a stance against sexualisation in sport by opting for full-body unitards rather than bikini cut leotards. They did it at the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships in April, and continued at the current Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The belters!

In my opinion, which style of sports uniform you wear should be free choice. It’s not about turning into a world where all women have to cover up every inch of their bodies. It’s about giving them the option. If the women’s uniforms offer no athletic advantage for the female form, then why not wear what the men are wearing if you feel like you’re otherwise being sexualised?

pic via Insta @_kim.bui_

Should we have one uniform for both teams? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, cock




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