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Snösätra is Europe’s largest legal street art area

pic via Insta @snosatra

Snösätra: Snösätragränd 1, 124 60 Bandhagen, Sweden

pic via Insta @snosatra

People who make something beautiful out of a load of old shit, are my kind of people. Seriously. More people need to learn how to think creatively rather than taking things at face value. Just like the Swedish have done in today’s creative find.

Once a run down and abandoned industrial estate, locals got permission to create the Snosatra Graffiti Hall of Fame – an outdoor graffiti exhibition. Splashing murals and beltin graffiti up the walls of derelict buildings, it has given the whole area a new lease of life.

pic via Insta @snosatra

Established Artists come and leave their mark, and wannabe ones can also have a go in certain places. Look at that pic above – bloody Patsy Stone is an icon everywhere!

They also started throwing annual ‘Springbeat’ festivals with everything from graffiti and rap battles (can only image how that’d work), with pop-up stalls, and even creativity areas just for the kiddies. Got to get them little brains trained creatively from a young age!

pic via Insta @snosatra

It doesn’t seem like the festivals are going on anymore, but I’m sure you can still go and stroll the art in the area. Well most of it. A section has recently been closed down, despite many protests, with the goal of redeveloping the area. Such a shame. It genuinely annoys me how arts and culture is often tossed to one side in order for a gaggle of greedy getts to make more money. At least there are still lots of other murals left there to stroll.

pic via Insta @snosatra

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