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Norway: Yarn Crawl Anyone?

pic via Insta @oslostrikkefestival

Lockdown kicking anybody in the face yet? Well, get yourself some new creative hobbies, love! Doing creative things has always helped me to sail through tough times. How about knitting? I’ve never reached for the knitting needles yet. Saying that, I did used to knit with my nan as a kiddie, so maybe I’ve still got it. It has become a bit of a Hipster trend in recent years too, and I would have given it a go when I went to the Knitted Cafe in Krakow… but just didn’t have enough time!

Anyway, between looking for new creative bits ‘n’ bobs to do and noseying at what’s going down in Europe’s arts + culture scene, I discovered that knitting is big business in Norway, and I’m chuffin’ intrigued. Almost half of all women there knit, and it’s boomed all the more thanks to yarn stores popping up in the hippest areas, mixed with a growing social media community.

pic via Insta @oslostrikkefestival

Apparently almost every borough has a knit store in Norway, and just like a bar crawl, a yarn crawl is a thing there. People travel from yarn shop to yarn shop, just knitting and chatting. With regular knit nights popping up everywhere, its main cities also have knitting festivals. I could go for a mooch around Oslo Knitting Festival, couldn’t you?

Shopping local and buying ethical yarn has sustainable benefits too. Plus, if you invest the time into making your own clothes, you not only feel proud of your creations but you’ll also look after them better too. Maybe a knitting movement is part of the answer towards fighting fast fashion?

pic via Insta @oslostrikkefestival

Fancying visiting a knitting festival? Where would be on your bucketlist? Come for a chinwag in me comments, cock.




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