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Manc’s Captioning The City Exhibition

pic via Insta @chrisunkim

Captioning The City: Location map by Manchester International Festival here.

pic via Insta @rogerbygott

The Linguist in me will always love a wordy affair, and this one is right up my street… Literally! Manchester International Festival has commissioned and produced the ‘Captioning The City’ exhibition, aimed to make you stop, take a moment and experience Manchester in a new dimension through this captivating public artwork. Their words not mine, funnily enough.

That’s right, go have a stroll around Manc and see some of its most iconic places and spaces captioned with a splash of copy. I love the idea but wouldn’t it have been a right old belly laugh if the captions sounded like a Northerner. Yes, it’s a welcoming international city made up of many languages, dialects etc but it’s also nice to make a nod to the area’s own heritage, and language is an important part of that.

pic via Insta @rogerbygott

Christine Sun Kim is the face behind the exhibition. US-born and Berlin-based, the Artist’s work focuses on how sound operates in society. For the Captioning The City exhibition, the copy is either descriptive of what it’s been splashed up, or there to make us ponder. A great one for the deep thinkers.

Running from the 1-18 July, you can download its locations map and get your stroll on, or keep an eye out for tickets to its special performances via their website.

pic via Insta @rogerbygott

Spotted an exhibition that we’d love? Pop it in me comments, cock to inspire a feature.





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