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Berlin’s Berghain is now swampland

pic via Insta @an_tjefreese

Halle Am Berghain: Rüdersdorfer Straße 7010243  Berlin

pic via Insta @jakob_kudsk_steensen

The Rona has wrecked havoc amongst pretty much all sectors, and an area that’s received one of the biggest blows is bars and nightclubs. No doubt you’ve read all of the concerns about Berlin’s infamous nightlife being on the brick of no return. So, when I first glanced the headline that its notorious Berghain is now swampland, I assumed nature had had the time to reclaim the area. Well, Berlin was built on a former swamp area after all. Thank chuff, that isn’t the case!

pic via Insta @lightartspace

Berghain Halle has been transformed into a digital swamp by Danish Artist Jakob Steensen with an immersive installation called ‘Berl Berl’. It looks at lost and existing wetland around Berlin, its native species and plays with associated mythologies. The goal is to get visitors pondering the future of these areas and emphasise that they need protecting.

If you fancy seeing it for yourself, and Rona rules permitting, you’ve got until 26th September. I would if I could, you know me.

pic via Insta @jakob_kudsk_steensen

I’ve also found this cracking video profiling the Artist, so if you fancy finding out more about his work in general, have a watch cock. Bits are in German but stick with it as he speaks English. You’ll get the gist.

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