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Alcotraz Manchester – Banged Up Cocktail Supping

pic via Insta @alcotraz_uk

Alcotraz Manchester – Cell Block Three-Four: 1A Watson St, Manchester M3 4EE

pic via alcotraz site

I’m all for a theme and immersive experience to get me creative juices flowing BUT for me there’s a fine line between creative and cringe. Creative would be supping cocktails in an old prison that’s been converted into a bar, and cringe would be spending the night ‘in Character’… surrounded by those over the top musical theatre types. To be fair, for me that sounds like torture, so in a way they’ve nailed the prison theme.

So, this find isn’t for me, but maybe it’s for you, and I support people coming up with new ideas, so thought I may as well give it a share. Honestly, though, remember Manchester’s heyday when people called it ‘Manchester Cool’? – Things have definitely changed!!

pic via Insta @alcotraz_uk

So, it seems like you pull on an orange romper and the goal is to smuggle in your own booze without the musical theatre Warden catching you.

pic via Insta @alcotraz_uk

Seems easy enough. I’m Northern and have been sneaking my own booze into events since I was a teen! A couple of chicken fillets filled with homebrew down your bra are a gamechanger when you’re starting out in London with no cash.

pic via Insta @alcotraz_uk

I can only assume that the above are being spread-eagled up against a wall and searched for booze. Serving inmates then make cocktails based on the booze that you’ve managed to get inside.

pic via Insta @alcotraz_uk

Look you get to take mugshots for your own Insta, and the place even caters for hen dos. All the best hen nights end with some of you behind bars, so why not cut to the chase!

pic via Insta @alcotraz_uk

What do you think? Bit cringe? Bit trashy? Or right up your street? Come chinwag in me comments, love.




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