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Who’ll Be the Eurovision 2022 Italian Host City?

Well, we’re finally off to Italy! I’ve been waiting for Italy to win Eurovish for quite a while, and now that the Italian Glam Rock belters Maneskin have finally done it, I’m dreaming of an Italian jollies next year. I’ve been wanting to go to Eurovision for years, and by next year, if I’m double jabbed and ready to party, then why not make my first post Rona Euro jollies an Italian one. Yep, I’m thinking of exploring the creative side of the chosen Eurovision 2022 Host City!

Genoa-Italy-colourful-buildings-and-road-sign - www.mancimouth.com

But Where?
We’ve only just said goodbye to Rotters, so we shouldn’t be getting an Italian Host City confirmation just yet but I have been seeing quite a few different names being tossed around by the fandom. So far in the mix is; Turin, Milan, Rome, Bologna, Naples, Pesaro, Verona, Rimini, Bari, Florence, and Sanremo.

For totally selfish choices, I hope it’s not Milan, Genoa or Bologna as I’ve already been. All beltin’ holiday locations but I’m dying to explore some place new. Maybe it’ll be Turin or Sanremo? Get in me comments, and tell me who you think will win + why?

I’m really excited to find out who’ll get chosen as the Host City, and equally as excited to start exploring its creative side. So, by now you’ve guessed it. This section of me site will be dedicated to exploring and sharing the 2022 Eurovision Host City’s creative side… Wherever that may be!

For now, let me whet your Italian appetite with a watch of me travel vlog – ‘Manci Travels : Italy – Me Genoa Jollies’ here.

Which city are you hoping for? Come for a chinwag in me comments, love!




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