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The Manchester Flower Show

Manchester has been celebrating the start of summer with the Manchester Flower Show. For any chuffers having a wander around the city, you’d have noticed a beltin trail of floral displays and installations, with a range of flowery alfresco dining experiences to choose from.

I didn’t manage to do the trail this year as I ended up going for my first Rona jab at the weekend. So, I’m settling for picking my favourite finds from the @themanchesterflowershow‘s Insta account, where most of this year’s cracking shots have been taken by the Photographer @thevainphotos.

I love a good mural and am partial to a flower, so this bit of art by Artist @amyconeyart is right up my street. You can find it on Great Northern Square.

I love a good bit of visual merchandising, and in a past life I used to have to go around snapping pics of London’s Crimbo windows every year for work. So, would have loved to trail Manchester’s flower windows. I genuinely love a bit of floral art and seeing how flowers can be used to totally transform a location. After seeing it at Fashion Week and in cool exhibitions, I did a short floral course in Cambridge with the idea of joining a flower experience team… But quickly realised that most jobs would be dealing with bridezillas, so decided it wasn’t for me! Can you imagine me, somebody who doesn’t believe in marriage working day in and day out with brides.

When in Manchester, you have to make like the locals and sink a few drinks. So, of course this year’s flower fest also had a cocktail trail to follow along. Leathal! BUT beltin. Although, am pretty sure a full-blown beer crawl wouldn’t work in the same way that it usually would given the current restrictions. I could just drink a botanical cocktail right now. I hope they keep these drinks on the menu throughout summer.

I think the first time that I ever seen yarn bombing in real life was when I was doing a daytrip around York. Well, the @yarnaddictsofmanchester have been reaching for their knitting needles and spicing up Manchester’s Market Street with some floral knits. Haven’t they done a lovely job!

Were you a lucky bugger who did this year’s cocktail trail? Tell me all about is in me comments, love.




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