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Strolling for Creative Inspo in Amsterdam

When I go on me creative travels around Europe, my snaps often serve as creative inspo for the future… Without me even realising that it will at the time. So, as the Rona world has been upside chuffin down for far too long now, it does seem like it’s finally coming to an end which has got me at a creative crossroads again. Every so often, I get that unsettled feeling of what should I do next, and then usually change me life somewhat!

So, as I’m thinking about making some changes, I’m looking back through holiday snaps to remind me of all of the things that I like or inspire me. Should I buy a campervan like the little belter I snapped in Amsterdam above and go travelling, or should I buy a barge and do it up all nice and artsy… It’d probably be much more polished than the one that I saw in the Dam below.

I still harbour the dream of creating my own house out of shipping containers, which would probably entail me being more work serious for a bit in order to save up to do it properly. The below was a bar / restaurant that I spotted close to where I stayed one night. There’s always the idea of having my own creative hostel to rent out with concept cafe BUT I think that could be a bit too much of a burden to own.

In any case, I’m bloody dying to have a new home where I can go to town with as much creative interior design as possible. Could I graffiti up me front door, or would people assume that it was a crack den? I mean, I’m not arsed what others think but I don’t fancy smackheads coming knocking on me door.

I think all of the being trapped inside has had me longing for a big garden too. I loved exploring Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam, and there was plenty of creative garden design inspiration there. Why not have photos and mirrors outside?!

I’m also partial to a feature bathtub for me garden after seeing this. Am sure I’d be able to revamp a secondhand one from the skip, and start a wildflower garden for the bees inside of it.

Look at these cool lockers and charging stations that I found at De Hallen. That could easily be a cool alternative way to store some of me clothes rather than boring drawers.

Wherever I end up settling, I vow to have a room just for my clothes, and there’s a strong chance that I’ll make it feel like you’re walking into a boutique. How cool is the lighting below at Catwalk Junkie.

I had the habit or I should say mild hobby of painting terracotta pots with wacky designs. Lately, I’ve been a bit lazy on that front and have 3 plants near death on my window ledge which urgently need repotting. My excuse has been that I don’t have time to paint the pots… lazy Lesley! Anyway just thinking, in my next home I’ll opt for a bit of copper or bronze to spare me the hassle. Loved the one below. Snapped whilst I was noshing local fodder in Amsterdam.

And one bit of inspiration for the road, I love the design on this glass door. A bit of art on my windows would look crackin! It could also look at bit like a playschool or like I’ve left me Crimbo decs up, but mostly cracking I think!

Do you look back at your Creative Travel snaps for inspiration? Tell me your stories in me comments, love.





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