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Authentic Berlin Döner Kebaps in Manc

pic via Insta @donerhausuk

Doner Haus Manchester: Unit 9, Corn Exchange, Manchester M4 3TR

pic via Insta @donerhausuk

Well, well, well. I’ve been crossing me fingers for years in hope that some chuffer would bring authentic Berlin Kebaps to the North, and now they have!

In the Berlin office where I used to work, we often did a whip-round at dinner for some. Got to admit that the first time that they asked me if I was up for a Kebap for lunch, I was aghast! For me, kebabs were always an end of the night booze mop up. Anyway, I wanted to make like the locals, so joined in, and it was totally worth the risk. Berlin Kebaps aren’t like your usual local takeaway’s dirty rat meat floating in grease and mayo, they are instead, in my opinion a German delicacy.

pic via Insta @donerhausuk

The Berlin Kepabs are an adapted version of the traditional Turkish kebabs. They are pitta bread pockets filled with spiced meat, salad and sauce. Sounds like any other kebab. Wrong! You’ve just got to taste their special spice mix to see… and the bread, and that cracking special sauce. They also feel marginally healthier than the slop you’d normally buy in your local too. In a word? – Grease! There just feels much less of it.

pic via Insta @donerhausuk

So if like me, necking a Berlin Kebap has got your taste buds tingling, then you’ll also be excited to learn that Manchester’s Doner Haus also serves up a few other authentically German faves. Think schnitzel, Bavarian nibbling platters, and those beltin’ big German sausages. Give me a footlong Bratwurst, love! Plus, you can wash it all down with a Stein, or choice of German inspired cocktails. They’ve whizzed up Jagermeister infused gems und so weiter.

pic via Insta @donerhausuk

All of this German grub talk has got me fancying a dance in a Berlin club, then carrying a Curry Wurst home. You like what you like. What more can I say?!

The Doner Haus has also opened a location in Scotland. Prices start at around 8 quid, and you can take a nose through the Doner Haus menu on their website here.

pic via Insta @donerhausuk

Know a street food spot I’d love? Share in the comments to inspire a feature, love.




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