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Norway’s TIX Has Got A Show on YouTube

pic via Insta @tixmusic

Love this fella? Hate this fella? Scrolling Twitter makes me think Norway’s act for Eurovision 2021 is a bit like Marmite for the fans! Either way, some kind soul has sent me a link to the below video. A 46 minute long documentary about TIX (Andreas Haukeland) aired on NRK in Norway, and now it’s on the YouTube with English subs. Well, that’s me Bank Holiday Monday evening sorted! If you give it a watch too, get in me comments and let’s have a chat about it, cock!

Just in case you’re a casual Eurovision fan and haven’t heard any of this year’s songs yet (I’m not sure how you can deny yourself the fun of watching the national selections!), I’ve plopped Norway’s entry below – TIX with ‘Fallen Angel’. Thoughts in me comments, please love!!

Wondering what else he sings whilst not in wings? Have a shuffle of his Spotify below.

Spotify: Stream + Support

Me comments are always open for a Eurovish chat, so get down there and don’t be shy, cock!





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