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Mcr Craft & Design Needs Creative Business Coaches

pic via Insta @manchestercraft

Manchester Craft and Design Centre: 17 Oak St, Manchester M4 5JD

From inspiring you to go and have a lovely day there to blabbing about its new murals, I’ve mentioned the Manchester Craft and Design Centre with you once or twice already. Today, they’re getting another mention as I’ve just spotted on their Insta that they’re looking for Creative Business Coaches to help support 25 of the centre’s talented Makers. So, if you’ve got experience working with creatives and micro-businesses in the cultural/ arts sector, then this might be just for you!

pic via Insta @manchestercraft

The centre has budgeted £5000 for the project – £100 per session, with each Maker to receive two hour-long sessions. So, if you want to give back and help the Makers to thrive, you can apply for funding on the Manchester Craft & Design Studio’s site here. All of the finer details, including how to apply are there. Much better for you to go straight to the source than have me wittering on about it. Good luck with your applications!

pic via Insta @manchestercraft

If you know a Creative who dabbles in coaching and would be a cracking fit for this opportunity, go share the post with them, love.




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