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Liverpool’s Creative Barge Holiday Rentals

pic via Twitter @UniqueUPH

With all of the Rona chat still going on, am playing it safe this year and looking for staycation holidays or you know, nice day trips. In my quest, I’ve stumbled across a right belter that’s in Liverpool. A company that makes creative barge rentals. I love a creative concept, and as I say every time I find something… I can imagine myself transforming something similar in the future!!

pic via Insta @theyellowsubbar

So, I’ve kind of found three creative barges moored in Liverpool just waiting to receive belting creative travellers. There’s the Titanic, Yellow Submarine, and the Joker Barge. I say kind of found, as the Yellow Sub has actually been moved and transformed into a bar! Well, I’ll take that. I can already see myself supping a cocktail on it!

If you fancy a night channelling the Swinging Sixties, it’s now off the water and based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. Shake your tits to 60’s music and neck a Beatles-inspired cocktail or ten! Well, got to make up for the Rona days!

pic via Insta @theyellowsubbar

If you’re a risky one, you might like to take your chances aboard the Titanic! It’s been afloat for quite a while now, so am pretty sure you won’t end up clinging to a door and shouting your mate’s name from the water… But there again, I’ve had many a wild night out in Liverpool, and you just never know where you’ll end up!

pic via Booking.com

Located off Liverpool ONE, it’s close enough to go shopping or spend the day around Liverpool’s cultural quarter. I genuinely love spending time in Liverpool’s galleries and museums, and you can see why it was once hailed the Capital of Culture.

pic via Booking.com

I’ve never been much of a Batman film fan but I can’t not mention that part of Liverpool was turned into Gotham City last year as they filmed scenes for the Batman film. I hear they even went swinging on the Liver Birds building! So, if you’re a fan of the film and want to tour Liverpool’s filming spots, why not make it a totally themed experience with a night aboard the Joker barge?!

pic via Booking.com

It’s a two bedroom boat house complete with kitchen and Sky TV. A floating home away from home you might say. Despite taking a Batman themed cruise ship to Sardinia (watch my vlog here), this Joker barge wouldn’t be my first choice of watery staycations BUT I can see why it’d be a cracking experience.

pic via Booking.com

Am always on the lookout for new creative ideas, so don’t be shy and come share your finds in me comments, cock!




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