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Disley’s Bohemian Bus Cafe

pic via Insta @bohemianbuscafe

Bohemian Bus Café: Buxton Rd W, Disley, Stockport SK12 2AE
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pic via Insta @bohemianbuscafe

As a lover of creative concepts… and especially when it’s cafe related, imagine my excitement when I scrolled past a Double Decker Bus that’s been transformed into a cafe and realised it was only in Disley. Beltin’ news!

As we’re all also into having walks or jogs these days, get ready to wet yourselves as it’s right next to some crackin’ canal strolls too.

pic via Insta @bohemianbuscafe

Have a peek at that interior design! At the moment you can get takeaway, eat outside or treat yourself fancy to a nosh on its sheltered top deck. Just make sure that you book a spot online before heading over.

pic via Insta @bohemianbuscafe

The cafe only uses local produce which includes popping to a local farm to pick up supplies. From wraps and rolls to evening options, there’s a little something for most tastes, which even includes veggie options. I’ve got a soft spot for a bright bap!

pic via Insta @bohemianbuscafe

Look at that! – They even dish out the Martinis. They are my nemesis! When you find places that get creative with the flavours and you feel like you’re necking pop. Lethal but lovely… If you don’t end up sick pissed too early. Fortunately, this isn’t one of those party buses either, so best for enjoying a sit-down meal and sensible tipple.

pic via Insta @bohemianbuscafe

Go on and inspire me, love. Share your creative cafes with me in the comments, and I might do a post about it.




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