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Creative Stroll + Snap in Genoa

People solo travel for many reasons, and I think that over the years, I have travelled for all of the different possible reasons but mainly just because I love it! Having the freedom to go and do whatever the chuff you want without compromise is beltin!

I think when you travel alone, you also take more pics and just notice more things because you’ve got no distractions. I love snapping away on my iPhone and think of my pics as a bank of inspiration for when I get back home. In all honesty, I sometimes think Jesus, why the chuff did I take a pic of that?! – BUT then BOOM! It’ll spark a creative idea. So my tip to you, if you’re creative and travelling for inspo, snap, snap, snap away! You’ll never know how it’ll help you in the future.

And on that note, here are some pics that I snapped for inspo whilst on a euro jollies around Genoa, Italy. Above is the side of a sea life centre that I spotted by the marina. Never seen such an interesting building that’s home to all of the fishes. Thought it was an art gallery upon approach.

Italy is known for its beautiful buildings, and down a main road close to where I was staying, it was lined with grand buildings. I actually think it was part of a university too. Now, I normally make a beeline for the most contemporary places that I can find but on this occasion I decided to have a nose around inside one of these old places… I found a succession of jaw-dropping courtyards! Pays to be a bit nosey sometimes.

My above shot feels like a pic from an Influencer couple’s Instagram, and not something that I’d normally choose to snap. The thing was, the buildings were beautiful and this model couple were just sat having a breather in that scorching Italian sunshine, and I couldn’t resist.

This I snapped because I loved the road block just as much as the buildings. I like sticking danger signs etc into my Insta shots… Well, am not that the typical Travel Influencer who just shoots what everybody else does.

Snapped the above down a caruggi, and it’s actually in my vlog ‘Manci Travels – Italy: Me Genoa Jollies‘. Right now, am thinking what a coincidence that I snapped the Eiffel Tower street art in Italy, when France and Italy have been battling about the Eurovision results this week.

The below I love as it’s old meets new. The buildings still feel traditional but have modern splashes like these neon lights. Am sure this will influence my own interior designing at some point.

Where’s been your fave place to creative travel for inspo? Tell me all in the comments, love.





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