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The Laundromat Cafe Copenhagen

pic via Insta @thelaundromatcafe

The Laundromat Cafe: Various Copenhagen locations – thelaundromatcafe.com

When I first lived in London, my studio flat didn’t have a washing machine, so I had to frequent the launderette. I loved that I could cook me tea from the bed, but you can’t have all the flashy things. Got to keep it real and humble.

Anyway, I used to always find sitting and machine watching really boring, so I’d go and sit in the cafe across the street. It always crossed my mind that some kinky chuffer could half inch me dirty drawers whilst my back was turned but fortunately, they never did. It got me thinking however that all laundrettes should have a cafe inside… I got googling and discovered it was of course already a thing in Europe. So, let me introduce you to Copenhagen’s ‘The Laundromat Cafe’ chain, which has several locations across the Danish capital.

pic via Insta @thelaundromatcafe

It’s a full blown alcohol licenced venue where you can go and treat yourself nice and fancy to a sit-down meal, sup a brew whilst perusing its endless rack of books and mags, or soak up some live entertainment at night. All whilst washing your smalls in one of its machines! Probably not during Rona times – but what is operating like normal 24-7 these days?!

It seems to have a really nice community vibe about it too. I genuinely think this is just how all laundrettes should be. Hopefully they’ll pop up in the UK at some point. Just in case you’re wondering, now that I’m back home up North, I do have my own washing machine. I’m a bit fancy now, what can I say?!

pic via Insta @thelaundromatcafe

Spotted a concept cafe that I’d love? Inspire me in the comments, cock.





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