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Retrock Vintage Budapest + Its Beltin’ Art

Retrock Designer Vintage Store: Budapest, Anker köz 2-4, 1061 Hungary

Yesssss, you go into vintage shops to go vintage shopping… BUT sometimes you just end up wandering around and looking at its cool creative interior design. I love a bit of quirky visual merchandising. If you’re of the same ilk as me, then you’d love a wander around Budapest’s Retrock Designer Vintage Store.

I once went for a winter weekend in Budapest and remembered loving this store, so when I went back to spend the summer there, I tracked it down again. So, let me show some of the cool creative bits I found inside during me most recent visit. First up, flyers with cool graphic design are like cat nip to me. They just leave them floating on the steps and before you know it, I’ve filled my tote with memories for my scrapbook, and I’m right in there ready to get my shop on.

This shop is really big and takes up two floors, there’s loads of designer vintage bits and indie brands to choose from, and even better, there’s shed loads of cool contemporary art dotted about the place. You just have to keep your eyes peeled from floor to ceiling.

I can’t imagine recreating a Victorian lady sticker mural in my own home but it looked cracking in the store.

The below was made from reclaimed materials, and does make me feel like making something myself from all of the left over shit around the house. I get that feeling every time my Asda big shop arrives. Is there really such a need for so much packaging in the UK? On another note, I once bought a purse in Cologne from a reclaim shop. It was woven a bit like the below, and made from plastic that had washed up on the beach abroad.

Assuming that banana is part of the decor and not a Hipster member of staff’s dinner left lying around. I love those glass terrariums. Remember when they boomed a few years ago. They always remind me of a fairy garden that I made with me Nan as a kid too.

Will flamingo decor ever die out? Funny how some random trends just boom into saturation. Would totally have a full sized one in my living room, though.

I love those woven chairs. Again, they remind me of me nan. She used to have two of them around her house. I think they’d look cool in the garden too with ivy etc growing all over them.

Just to prove I did look at some clothes whilst in there. I spotted this cool, baroque style bustier for days when you fancy jazzing up your tits. Unfortunately, I was too blessed for this dress, and left empty handed.

I love discovering cool boutiques around Europe, so share your tips with me below, love.




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