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Popping To Ravenna For the Tile Art

I struggle to go on holiday to one place and stay put, so when I went on me chubby gal eating tour of Bologna, I toured around a little bit. Naturally, I went to Venice. Well, you’ve got to experience it at least once in your life! Then, after a fair bit of googling, I opted for Ravenna. Based in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, it’s known for its colourful mosaics which pop up just around everywhere. That was enough of an indication that the place would be dripping with Makers and Artists, so off I darted.

My tip? Whilst wandering around, keep your eyes peeled as little mosaics adorn most buildings… particularly around the centre!

I love trying out different arts and crafts, and not just sticking at one thing, so whilst in Ravenna, I was of course inspired to try out mosaic making. Or at the very least, buy a few bags of smashed up tiles to take back to Blighty and stick around the house.

I found this cool little mosaic shop close to the Basilica of San Vitale. You can buy full or smashed up tiles to take away for your own crafty makes, or buy one of their Makers’ masterpieces. I opted for a smashed bag or two. I’m still yet to create an artistic masterpiece BUT I have been jazzing up random things around the home. Frames, mirrors… nada is safe!

I would have loved that mouth and tongue ensemble but as always, budget airlines are a bugger to take much back on, so I didn’t! There was also a little work station in the centre with people mosaic making away. What a lovely job to have!

I found it hard culling down me pics from inside the tile shop, so here’s another one. Check out those flowery mosaics! Quite a lot of houses around the area had them by their front doors.

So, what else did I see in Ravenna? Basilicas of course! Now, I’m not one for religion or even popping inside cathedrals whilst on me jollies. Each to their own. I did however decide to take a wander around Basilica of San Vitale. What can I say? – Curiosity got the better of me. I know Italy has beautiful art, they love a dramatic ceiling, and I was in an area that loved mosaics, so surely they would have gone all out inside the Basilicas? Yep, they chuffin did! Must have taken forever to decorate + cost an arm and a leg!

If you’re into your big churches or famous sites, Ravenna has eight places on the UNESCO World Heritage List for you to check out.

Ravenna has those old town vibes about it with typically Italian courtyards splashed about. I wandered into a belter that was home to a cafe which also sold pieces of art whilst playing classical music. I felt very middleclass whilst swigging me brew. *Immediately looked for a rave afterwards.*

Love exploring artistic towns on your Euro jollies? Well, get down in me comments and share your tips with me to inspire me next post, cock.





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