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New Spotify Playlist: Eurovision 2021

I don’t know about you, but the slightest bit of sunshine and am belting out the bangers! So, today has got me cranking up Senhit’s ‘Adrenalina’ – one of me faves for Eurovision 2021.

pic via Insta @senhitofficial

This year’s Eurovision is packing the bangers and I’m loving it! But I have a feeling a ballad could win, just because all of the banging beats will merge into one for the casual viewer. France’s seems to be a firm fan favourite. I do love a good heartfelt chanson, though. Takes me back to being a carefree Erasmus Student, and necking the wine in smoke-filled Parisian bars.

New Spotify Playlist

Like the belter that I am, I’ve created a Eurovision 2021 playlist on Spotify packed to the rim with all of this year’s entries. Now all’s you have to do is crack open a box of wine and get streaming. They are bringing the Euro bangers this year! It’s a party of a playlist.

Who do you think will win Eurovish this year? Come have a chinwag in me comments, cock!





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