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Netflix Binge – Stay Here

By now you’ll have realised that I’m addicted to creative travels, from full blown experiences to staying in creative dwellings. Being Rona trapped as also got me thinking about moving and building my own house. I love the idea of buying a plot of land and building a shipping container mini mansion. Or failing that, I’d settle for a creative conversion like transforming an old factory or barn into my home.

So, somewhere between completing all of the foreign and trending series on Netflix (well, not The Crown or Bridgerton style shit – I’ll never sink that low), I discovered ‘Stay Here’. A show where an Interior Designer and a Business Man transform your holiday rentals into hotspots, with it all focusing around travel, design, and experiences. The show was made for me to binge!! I’m also late to the party on this one as it launched in 2018! – Look, if you ever see any gems like this, tell me in the comments as I don’t want to miss out.

I know that I focus on Euro Jollies but Stay Here was filmed around the USA and I just really wanted to share it as a source of creative inspiration with you. Besides that, I hope there’s a European series? – If there is something similar you know about, share it with me, love! For now, let me show you a few of my fave beltin’ creative transformations from the series.

The Houseboat

Based in Seattle, this boat house looks entirely different from how it started – both inside and out. It’s being marketed as a love nest but I’d chuffin solo travel stay there. It looks Scandi style cosy on the inside. I always thought I’d live on a canal boat at some point when I lived in London… BUT I just knew I’d end up pissed and overboard, or worse still, sinking the chuffer Drop Dead Fred style, so thought best not.

The Old Fire Station

pic via Insta @dcfirehouse

I LOVE when old functional buildings get transformed into homes and hotels, so this old DC fire house is what my dreams are made of. Plus, it still has a fireperson’s pole in the middle of the place… Imagine those banging Eurovision parties!

70’s Time Capsule

I couldn’t live at this place but would easily holiday there for a bit. This mansion in Palm Springs is known as the Palm Springs Time Capsule, and rightly chuffin so. Its interior design is 70’s style throughout. It reminds me of the film set for ‘LoveLace’ – you know, the one with Amanda Seyfried.

The Place With Yellow Bagels

pic via Insta @yellowblockbnb

If I ever go on holiday to New York, I’d stay at place like this in Brooklyn. Outside it feels like the American shows you grow up watching, whilst inside it’s now got cool hostel vibes. The surrounding area is filled with cracking street art and indie places to eat. On the show, they teamed up with The Bagel Store that created those famous rainbow bagels, and made yellow ones to match the bnb’s interiors. Love it!

Inspire my next post by sharing your creative finds with me below, love.





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