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Loreen New Music + Dance In Her New Video

pic via Insta @loreenofficial

For me, Queen Loreen never fails to disappoint. First up, if you’ve not already, check out her new song ‘fresh water tears’ / ‘Sötvattentårar’.

Next up… Here’s your chance to shake your titties in her new music video. If you fancy having a dance, she’s put a call out with a video on Insta asking people to send clips copying her moves for the chance to appear. I split second considered submitting, then saw one of the entries… I’m gonna say, profesh dancers, and so thought, best not send a joke version. BUT the opportunity is there for anybody fancying it. Have a look here.

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What do you think of Loreen’s new music? Come for a chinwag in the comments, love.





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