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Lockdown Art Inspiration

pic via Insta @marimarki

I’m a Creative who loves trying out new arts and crafts just for the fun of it. If I ever find one thing that I love and think that I’m great at, then maybe I’d become addicted to just doing that one thing but for now that doesn’t seem very likely. I just love trying out new creative things too much!

I’m always having a stab at some kind of new artsy project or enrolling in a class, and these Rona days have inspired me to try out even more things than usual. I think a lot of people have turned to art during these times, though. Welcome to my world! So, if you’re doing a bit of lockdown art or post-lockdown art… or whatever the chuff kind of phase we are in at the moment, be inspired by these couple of belting Artists and Makers that I’ve discovered over the past year.

pic via Insta @marimarki

Marie-Claude Marquis (@marimarki) is an Artist who likes to create things and use a lot of words… and words that are a bit to the point or sweary. My kind of Artist!! Maker of the ‘Fuck’ and ‘Sorry, I’m not listening’ plates that I’ve featured in this post, which would complement my home like a dream. I’m fancying vintage plate shopping and slapping Northern slang across a few for my kitchen wall.

pic via Insta @the_oddthing

Next up, during a pinning session, I discovered ‘The Odd Thing’ (@the_oddthing) company which is based up North, and it looks amazing. They save and transform old furniture. If that beltin green and pink cabinet catches your eye, it’s still available on their site. So, go check them out via their Insta.

pic via Insta @the_oddthing

I’ve had the idea of having a crack at upcycling stuff for quite a while now, and during one of the lockdowns, I’m not ashamed to say that I got addicted to that show where the woman raids the tip, jazzes up her finds and flogs it for a profit. I just think it’s a great way to reduce waste (urgently needed!!), and add something bespoke to your home. I think I’ll have the time to give a project a go towards the end of the year. So, you’ve been warned. Hope I don’t end up in A+E after messing around with the tools!

pic via Insta @kjcardigan

Now this Artist blows my mind. Who knew you could create such realistic things with a pair of knitting needles?! I tried knitting during lockdown. I enjoyed it but my end product looked like a rag, so had to step away from the yarn.

Kate Jenkins is an Artist and Knitwear Designer and you have to see her work @kjcardigan on Insta. From a bowl of paella to a pack of Cheesy Wotsits, no food is apparently unknittable! Also had to feature those cool lips that she’s whipped up, as we all know I love a good mouth.

pic via Insta @kjcardigan

Tell me about your art projects, and if you’ve found an Artist or Designer that I’d love, slap it in me comments, love! It might inspire my next blog post.





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