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Kunst Haus Wien: Vienna’s 1st Green Museum

Kunst Haus Wien. Museum Hundertwasser: Untere Weißgerberstraße 13, 1030 Wien.

Another for me ‘If I Ever Go Back To Vienna’ creative bucketlist. Designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, this is Kunst Haus Wien and Hundertwasser Museum, which was certified as Vienna’s first green museum. It’s a massive belter, and I’m not sure how I missed it when I went exploring but that being said, Wien is a massive city and my To Visit list was already stretched.

Kunst Haus Wien is a place that promotes Hundertwasser’s forward-looking ideas on ecology, eco-architecture, and society. Plus for the photo lovers amongst us, it has a focus on photography exhibitions.

To see just how crackin the place looks, have a quick watch of their official YouTube vlog above. It makes me want a house with wonky floors and tiled everything.

Since 2014, the place has had a real focus on hosting Artists who focus on sustainability, climate change, recycling, and responsible urbanism. It’s not just the exhibitions that are green but also the museum itself. The concepts of sustainability and environmental protection are also given high priority in the museum’s operations and everyday work.

There’s even a bee colony in the museum’s roof garden with over 140,000 honey bees. So, yes that’s a bucketload of organic honey being produced. I bet you can get it in their gift shop. It’s a great way to save the bees which more of us need to be doing. Let’s hope more and more places are popping bee colonies on their roofs!!

I’ve been drawing a lot just lately, well, more like doodling really. My Mum told me they look like children’s books. I think it’s a compliment… Maybe I missed my true calling! Anyway, I think that’s why the Museum’s Insta post stood out to me below. They do an illustrated book for the kiddies detailing all about Hundertwasser’s eco-architectural vision. Best to teach them green whilst still young, innit.

Have you been to Kunst Haus Wien? – Tell me all about it! Or if you have any creative tips, share away and you might inspire me next post, love!





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