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Hamburg’s Crackin Water + Light Concerts

That’s an obligatory mirror selfie I snapped before a day of exploring Hamburg. This post I’m dedicating to the Water + Light Concert that I went to at Planten un Blomen, and sometimes as a Solo Traveller, you just don’t snap a decent one of yourself whilst out and about. So, an earlier mirror shot it had to be, cock.

Planten un Blomen: Marseiller Str., 20355 Hamburg, Germany

Planten un Blomen is a belting urban park in Hamburg – with the name being low German for ‘Pflanzen und Blumen’. My kind of area. It’s a beltin area to have a relaxing wander around and features a cracking Japanese garden section.

I went evening strolling around the park ahead of its weekend Water + Light Concert taking place at its lake. Whilst waiting for the sun to set and the fun to kick off, I fell inside a sausage cafe. Well, can’t resist a curry wurst. When in Germany! That’s me load above. That salad to chip ratio is what heart attacks are made of.

After filling my face, I walked across to the lake and joined the crowd who’d all thought ahead and laid out picnic blankets ready to enjoy the show. I can’t imagine being this close to so many other people at the moment. It feels like a lifetime ago, and even when all this is over, I know in the back of my mind I’ll be thinking back away from me you grubby sod. Well, I don’t like catching colds!!

I soon realised that it’s much harder than I’d imagined to capture photos of light shows on me iPhone BUT I do love some of the wacky, blurred shots that I captured. Accidental creative genius.

Ten famous classical songs belted out to which the water and vivid lights jumped in beat to. It’s the first of its kind that I’ve watched in real life, and loved it. It was really relaxing to watch but still entertaining too.

It got me thinking that surely that’s a much better event for the environment than fireworks, so why can’t the big cities do these for New Year’s Eve celebrations? Places like the Thames in London could easily do it… Although, start splashing that water around and if it hits the crowd, that muck would blind them!

I’ve got a pile of travel vlogs from me Euro jollies still to edit together, with one of course being my trip to Hamburg and this beltin water and light concert. So, keep an eye on me YouTube this summer. You’ll be in for a treat. Then we can debate whether it’s better than fireworks in me comments.

Have you ever been to a water + lights show? Share your tips in me comments, love.





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