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Finland: Noshing Cakes The Seasonal Way

I’m missing noshing my way around Europe in more ways than one, so I’ve been thinking about doing a bit of baking on the weekends. I don’t know what’s come over me. The Rona is almost making me a humdrum!! I’ll try out a few Euro bakes at some point, but for now I’ve just been scrolling for inspo.

Realistically, I should probably reach for me oven mitts during winter as nobody wants to roast themselves alive with their ovens on during summer. In the meantime, my googling has unearthed the Finnish trend of seasonal cakes. I’ve heard about seasonal dieting but seasonal cake eating? – My kind of chuffing people!

So, let me share a few of me sweet arse Finnish finds with you.


pic via Insta @oimunmutsin

I’m quite partial to a steaming cinnamon bun, and the Pulla seems to be the Finnish equivalent. They look a bit like bread rolls, and different versions are baked throughout the year. For instance, they deep fry the chuffers for May Day, or top them with cream for Shrove Tuesday. Beats tossing pancakes in my book!


pic via Insta @kulmacoffeeshop

As a Northern gal, the Lörtsy caught my eye for its pasty looking vibes. Plus, whilst scrolling Insta, I spotted that it seems quite popular to fill them with sausages. Sausage pasties? – Yes please! The Finnish stuff them sweet or savoury, with apple being another popular choice.


pic via Insta @vonpadenstein

From my online snooping, the Rönttönen feels really seasonal. Coming from the Kainuu region, these rye crust pies are stuffed with mashed potato and seasonal berries like lingonberries. I’d give it a go. After all, potatoes are sweet.


pic via Insta @monnapaa

Ending my finds on a savory note with the Kalakukko. It caught my eye as they have full blow baking festivals celebrating them in the area of Kuopio (the capitol of the Savonia region) where they’re popular. Usually made from rye flour, they have fish, pork, or bacon inners. AND ‘Kukko’ is Finnish for cock, – Ey up Kukko! Not the same word, I know but get over it.

Have you noshed Finnish? Tell me all about your seasonal scoffing in me comments, love.





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