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Street Art Wandering in Hamburg

Usually when I snap the street art on my jollies, I usually note down exactly where I found each piece… that wasn’t the case in Hamburg. There was just so much street art whilst I was wandering around that I just couldn’t be arsed noting it all down. I’ll also put that feeling down to Reeperbahn hangovers!

So, this is just going to be a stream of snaps to inspire you, and maybe you’ll never get to find them in real life. Sorry about that, cock!

One thing that stood out to me about the street art there was that they use a lot of different mediums from stickers and Lego to all kinds of 3d pieces like the record above. It’s not just your average selection of graffiti, and I loved spotting new ideas.

A couple of tips I can give to whet your street art needs is to go exploring around the Flohschanze flea and Sternschanze area. It’s full of Hipster bits ‘n’ bobs from Indie restaurants and boutiques with lots of creative street art scattered in-between. Was probably my favourite place whilst visiting.

When Rona isn’t wrecking havoc, there’s also a Street Art school in the St. Pauli district. You can learn a little history about Hamburg’s art scene, discover Artists, and even whip out your materials and get making some street art yourself. Find out more at the Street Art School – St. Pauli Schanze here.

How cool are these pastings! I stood for ages looking at the different ideas. I wonder how long the pastings last in harsh weather?!

This big pink cat graffiti reminds me of the Cheshire Cat which is famous up North and of course from Alice in Wonderland. Not sure if that’s what it’s supposed to be but it’s the spit and dip of it!

As is always a way with graffiti, you get a feel for what’s going on socially and politically in an area. Hamburg had lot’s of art about anti fascism and shining a light on refugees. Well, that’s really a sign of the times for Europe in general and not just specifically Hamburg.

So, what was my favourite bit of street art? Well I loved the 3d objects like the lolly ices but I think it’s the fry up below that gets my main vote. I’d love to go back to do a day at the street art school and make my own masterpiece. Slap a couple of 3d meat and potato pasties on the wall as a nod to me Northern roots.

Where’s your favourite place in Europe to go street art spotting? Share it all in me comments, love.





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