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Scoffing Yellow Burgers at Vega City Budapest

Vega City: Budapest, Múzeum krt. 23, 1053 Hungary

In a bid to save the world by noshing less meaty burgers, I tried out this vegan restaurant in Budapest. Plus, it was also just across the road from the apartment that I was renting there, so seemed like an easy option. I actually swung by a few times, for a coffee to see if I liked the look of the food, for breakfast, and then committed to a yellow burger dinner another day. So, all in all, I loved the place!

I really liked its selection of herbal teas, and although I’ll always be partial to a Yorkshire brew sometimes it’s nice to cut down on caffeine and mix things up a bit. These days I also buy absolutely anything that claims to be immune system boosting too. Just in case.

I had that acai pudding fro breakfast one morning… Yes, it’s not an acai breakfast smoothie bowl and instead more of a dessert but when on holiday, I throw caution to the wind!!

Prices are reasonable as I paid around a fiver for an acai pudding and a brew. Wouldn’t even get an espresso for that price in a London hipster cafe, would you? When I first moved back from London, I remember being proper shocked at how much cheaper the North was. I’d just forgotten. Was like my birthday when I realised that you could get 2 gins for the price of one London one. Happy days!

Anyway, as I regularly point out, I believe Vegan junk food has to be the future to help climate change, and I believe all this bright stuff will boom. I’m all for a colourful burger bap to snap for my Insta too, and opted for a yellow one this time around. Infused with tumeric to achieve its colour and no nasty artificial colourings, with a cheeky black bean burger slipped between its slices. My favourite to be honest. It was seasoned really well, and didn’t taste like sucking on cardboard. Vegan food has come a long way!

This seedy snack I bought to nibble on and I can’t however rave about it. It just wasn’t for me. I expected a sweet treat and it was savoury. I should have opted for one the restaurant’s many juicy looking cakes instead. Looking at it now, it reminds me of a seedy fat ball that I toss out for the sparrows. Don’t know what possessed me.

I’ve just popped over to Vegan City’s site and it’s currently operating a delivery service where you can order food for your entire week! Great for those in Budapest, and for me currently in a UK lockdown, off to Asda’s vegan section it is!

I love discovering cool new cafes and restaurants, so please share your tips with me below, cock.





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