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Having A Mooch Around Hamburg’s Boutiques

Seeing as we can’t go shopping at the moment, I’m having a walk down memory lane to the time that I went on me jollies to Hamburg and discovered that it has a beltin’ indie boutique scene. So, here’s a list of just a few of the cracking shops that I fell into.

Su Store: Susannenstraße 3, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

A fashion shop for me gals. This spot is filled with mid-market brands with lots of organic and sustainable bits ‘n’ bobs. They’ve also got more than one store to choose from. The outside of the store reminded me of a Berlin boutique splashed with scribbles, and that’s what actually got me through its doors!

Rotkäppchen Designs: Marktstraße 93, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

I’m partial to a nice fedora, so I had to go for a mooch around this one. It fuses the traditional handy craft of hat making with modern urban design. Every day hats or hats for special occasions, they whip ’em up here.

Elternhaus: Marktstraße 29, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

A handmade fair fashion label that caters for women, men and children. When I went for a nosey around, it was its cool home accessories which really caught my eye. Popping cushions and slogan candles. If only my budget airline home would have let me have a bigger case for free!

Jewelberry: Juliusstraße 33, 22769 Hamburg, Germany

I’ve never been one for wanting expensive jewellery as I think it’s just a way for most people to try and show others that they’re wealthy. I have however always been a lover of quirky costume jewellery and supporting independent Designers.

So, Jewelberry was a must-pop-in whilst I was wandering around. They do some really nice simple pieces, and the shop has gorgeous interior design. Plus, there was a guy sat crafting away which always adds to the experience.

Boutique THÈO VEZO: Marktstraße 15, 20357 Hamburg, German

After working in the fash biz for over 25 years, this store’s owner, Théo Vezo decided to open up her own boutique. It’s a right splash of quirky bits from homeware to clothing. I’ve just popped over to its website and it’s currently temporarily closed – chuffin Rona strikes again! I suggest keeping an eye on their Insta to find out when it’ll open up its doors again.

Glory Hole Sneaker Shop: Marktstraße 145, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

I’ve been a fan of trainers since living in London. One because doing an hour’s commute in heels and hanging around the office like a bad smell in heels all day is no fun, plus there’s also the safety factor of wearing flats. You just never know when you might need to leg it!

Anyway, I aspire to have a better collection and popping into Glory Hole tickled that itch. It’s packed to the rim with hard-to-find & old-school sneakers from well-known international brands.

Have you been for a mooch around Hamburg’s indies? Well you can pop your tips in me comments, love!





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