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Adopt A Creative Phone Box

pic via Insta @cheddarartists

Right, firstly for any Gen Z reading this post, we never used to have house phones, let alone mobile phones, and we had to go out into the streets to find a phone box to make our calls.

These days, we don’t need these old abandoned phone boxes, so BT has created an adopt a disused phone box scheme. I know, they flog any old shit these days! BUT I love creative ideas and the phone boxes are being used for an all manner of creative solutions, from mini libraries to village art installations. Cracking ideas to bring the community together whilst helping promote literacy and art.

pic via Insta @dianechallenger.photos

From gin bars to coffeeshops, there’s also plenty of people making a pretty penny from their adopted boxes. Well, why the chuff not?!

Another great idea is that some are being turned into life saving defibrillator stations. Like the yellow one below in Bath.

pic via Insta @axelnash

It’s got me thinking about what I’d turn one into where I live. It’s not quite happy happy village spirited in my neck of the woods however, so I would worry that my phone box would get looted or vandalised as soon as I turned my back. Still, it’s worth a risk to do something creative!

If you pitch a belter of an idea and it gets approved, you can adopt the phone box for just one quid. It also has to be adopted by a community and not an individual… Party poopers! Find out more on adopting a kiosk on BT’s site here.

pic via Insta @perveen_akhtar

What would you turn your local phone box into? Don’t be shy, tell me in the comments, cock!





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