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Have A Listen to the ‘Melanie C’ Album

image via Insta @melaniecmusic

After a beltin’ weekend of National Selections, am still in a musical mood. So, today am reaching for Mel C’s latest album called ‘Melanie C’, and it’s a cracker. Mel C’s been killing it during lockdown, and I’ve had a beltin time watching her livestreams. I’ve even spotted her popping up on some of me fave German TV shows. She’s literally everywhere! So, join me in having a rave on a boring Monday with her latest album. Get streaming below, cock.

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She’s also got a European tour in the pipeline! It’s been postponed for obvious reasons due to that bitch Rona but the latest dates for 2022 are below.

pic via Insta @melaniecmusic

And whilst you’ve made it this far, go check out her YouTube! ‘Into You’ will have you raving! – I promise, love.

Got a fave from the ‘Melanie C’ album? Tell me all about it in me comments, cock.




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