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Saving Hayley Cropper’s Red Anorak

Lot’s of people and sectors are undeniably suffering because of that bitch Rona, with arts and culture being amongst the hardest hit. So, I wanted to share a little joy about Manc’s People’s History Museum which has just reached its @crowdfunderuk target to help keep it open. Or I should maybe say… it’ll help to keep it ticking over and hoping that another lockdown doesn’t happen later in the year.

Stories Change Lives

The stories and collections that People’s History Museum holds reflect a unique exploration of British democracy; past, present, and future. These are stories that have meaning and relevance to people’s lives today, which makes them incredibly powerful.
Every penny donated will help the museum to recover, reopen and adapt, so that together we can continue to champion ideas worth fighting for. By pledging support, you are protecting PHM’s future, and helping make history
, ” – @phmmcr Insta.

pic via Insta @phmmcr

Contemporary Collecting

Contemporary collecting is very important to PHM, so we were delighted when actor Julie Hesmondhalgh donated the iconic coat that she wore in ITV’s Coronation Street from 1998 to 2014 while playing the UK’s first transgender soap character. The storyline was influential in helping to shift opinions, but also brought criticism for the failure to cast a trans person to play the role. Throughout and since Julie has been a huge advocate for the transgender community, ” – People’s History Museum.

pic via Insta @phmmcr

The People’s History museum provides opportunities for all people to learn about, be inspired by and get involved in ideas worth fighting for; ideas such as equality, social justice, co-operation, and a fair world for all.

When you can, check it out, love! For now take a peek at its collections via Google Arts and Culture here, or sign up for one of its online learning courses here. Plus if you can donate, check out its Crowdfunderuk here.





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