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New Vlog: Manci Travels Ep 4: Me Zagreb Jollies

Manci Travels: Episode 4 – ‘Me Zagreb Jollies’ is now live on the YouTube!! Come on my solo travels to the capital of Croatia where I explore their annual Folklore Festival, which celebrates the values of national culture via dance, language, customs, handicrafts, art forms… You get the gist! Anyway, the place was filled with traditional markets, pop-ups, and live performances, with a televised live opening ceremony. Couldn’t have gone on a better day really.

I go vintage shopping for a bargain, nosh local by opting for Grandfather’s Schnitzel in a traditional Croatian restaurant, then take the smallest funicular in world down to the main square with that beltin’ famous horse to watch the televised opening ceremony. Intrigued? – I’ve also written My iPhone Diary Zagreb post here.

Ready to see what I got up to? Beltin! And if you’re looking for some juicy revenge break-up stories, also beltin’ as I pop into the Museum of Broken Relationships. Have a watch below, cock.

Feel free to come in me comments, if you fancy any travel tips.





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