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Banger Alert!! The Roop – ‘Discoteque’

pic via Insta @theroopband

Last night for me was all about Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix, and Lithuania’s Pabandom iš naujo. Their national selections are plodding along nicely, and my favourite song of the night was Lithuania’s ‘Discoteque’ by The Roop. What a chuffin’ banger!!

They are an automatic finalist in the contest, as they of course should have represented Lithuania at Eurovision 2020 before Rona let rip and the pen pushers at the Eurovision Song Contest couldn’t muster up an alternative format in time. At least this year will be different.

If you missed last night’s performance on the show, take a look below. Banger!!

I’ve also plopped their video of the song below too, in case you haven’t seen it. Cos am nice like that. I think this is another strong entry from The Roop. It’s energetic yet feels a bit dark. It makes you wanna rave, and it’s a catchy. Plus, they’ve got creative dance moves that make you wanna copy and dance along. Perfect for the Tik Tok generation, innit!

I couldn’t share their new entry without looking back at their belter from last year. It just gets stuck in your head and goes around and around. Such a shame it missed out on going to Eurovision last year. Anyway, I hope they do well at Pabandom iš naujo, and I can’t wait to see what other creative bangers the show will pop out.

What do you think of The Roop’s latest banger? Do you want it to win its national final? Come for a chinwag in me comments, cock.





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