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Travelling Manc Mystery Bird Installation

polar bear lights up - www.mancimouth.com
pic via Insta @quayscultureuk

One December, I was having a wander around Salford Quays, and stumbled across a really cool immersive light event, which you could follow around the area. A bit like that big polar bear above but when I went, I spotted Doctor Who style Daleks! I did film the different installations but think I never had the time to make the vlog! Anyway, the company Quays Culture which is behind these… lets say grand scale events, have had to mix things up this year due to Rona, and so, created a travelling light show called Mystery Bird.

pic via Insta @quayscultureuk

Paper artist Helen Musselwhite, vocal artist Jason Singh, the projection team Illuminos, local fabricators M3 Industries, and Quays Culture digital expert Jack Hardiker put their heads together and devised a light project of birds, which they took on tour around different neighbourhoods in Manchester. Check out their vlog about the making of the installation below, or give it a watch purely to see how cool the installation looked, as the pictures here don’t capture its full glory.

“Many of us experienced a renewed interest in our natural surroundings during lockdown 2020 – discerning birdsong again at a time when the world was quietly held at a temporary standstill. Birds are symbolic of hope and our desire for freedom and engagement with nature is widely recognised as inherently positive for humans – making us feel alive and connected to our fragile eco-system” – Mystery Bird.

So, in a nutshell that’s why they chose birds! They do look a bit dove like, and have got me feeling festive and wanting to watch Home Alone 2!

pic via Insta @quayscultureuk

I think the travelling installation is a really cool idea, and I’m loving seeing the creative ways that Artists are overcoming social distancing times. Spotted a cool event that I’d love? Plop it in me comments, cock.




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