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The Parking Lot Social

One trend that is growing and growing this year is meeting up in parking lots to do something social. No, it’s no longer reserved for doggers! In the first lockdown we saw drive-in cinemas happening, and remember that cool drive-in art gallery in Rotterdam that I wrote a post about. That was a beltin’ idea. Now I’ve spotted a company called The Parking Lot Social, and they’re taking the concept to new heights.

The name is as it implies, social events happening in parking lots. It’s all about experiences done the socially distanced way, from Car-a-oke to silent discos!! I’ve even spotted a comedy night. I think it’s such a great idea as people are missing going out and enjoying such events, and it gives the performers a source of income too, as they’ve been amongst the hardest hit during Rona.

So, if you’re feeling festive and a bit glum that you can’t go necking hot wine at the Christmas parties or having a festive piss up with your mates, check out The Parking Lot Social’s festive events. It’s the next best thing in my chuffin’ opinion. I’ve spotted drive-in Christmas movies and even the British tradition of Panto! I’ve seen events around my neck of the woods in Liverpool and Manchester, now hit The Parking Lot Social website here and see what’s occurring near you.

Seen any innovative events this year? Share with me in the comments, cock.




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