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New Vlog: Manci Travels Ep 2 – Me Sardinia Jollies

Manci Travels: Episode 2 – Me Sardinia Jollies is now live on YouTube! Click above and enjoy, cock! Or before you get sucked in, let me tell you a little bit about what I get up to in this new Solo Travel vlog.

Ey up! It may be December but I believe there are no rules this year, and so, am reminiscing about a beltin’ summer getaway I once did to Cagliari, Sardinia. I took a Batman themed Tirrenia cruise through the night from Genoa to Sardinia. No, I didn’t know I was in for a cartoon themed boat until I arrived at the port, but what a belly laugh of a surprise!

I stayed in Cargliari for 48 hours, where I did a beach day in a tropical storm (just my luck!), noshed the local food trends, and risked losing my big toe to diabetes because EVERYTHING comes with a blob of Nutella!

Look, I even found a Nutella themed cafe, where all of its decor was Nutella inspired – even their bin (below).

During the summer, I wrote a blog post listing 10 things I found in Cagliari to inspire your trips. If you fancy, have a read of my Tips For Your Sardinia Jollies here.

Anyway, I’d love for you to have a watch of my Manci Travels – Episode 2 – Me Sardinia Jollies here. Then get down in my comments for a bit of a chinwag.





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