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Have A Dance: The Best Of Netta’s Office

pic via Insta @nettabarzi

Despite things being a little different this holiday season, I think balls to it and am thoroughly enjoying myself with Crimbo raves at home. Plus, like every other year, I intend to keep the party going until New Year, and I hope you do too. So, to help your parties along, I’m sharing Netta’s latest project with you. She’s released ‘The Best of Netta’s Office’ on streaming platforms, here’s what she said on Insta about the release below.

“When I started #NETTAsOffice, I never imagined the amount of love and support I’d receive from all you beautiful people. I have gotten so many requests over the past year for this project. I am so honored and grateful to be able to create music that touches people’s hearts”.

Stream + Support on Spotify

Lyric Video

She’s also gone and released a lyric video for “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” – Something that started out as a cover for Disney Music, which now also features on The Best of NETTA’s Office Vol. 1. Have a watch below, cock.

Right, well you’ve had the best of me for today. I’m back off to festively eat and drink until I’m sick. What’ve you been listening to over the holidays, love?





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