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Festive Bucketlist: Switzerland’s Real Advent Windows

pic via Insta @visitswitzerland

Now, I love going some place in Europe around this time of the year for a mooch around its Christmas markets. It just gets you in the mood for festive good times, doesn’t it?! This year, I’m staying home and all that, but I think my next Christmassy getaway should be Switzerland!

I drool over pics of Switzerland most days of the year on the gram but reading about its festive traditions has got me itching to go even more… Namely its real life advent calendars, cheese fondues, and magical villages. I chuffin’ know!!

pic via Insta @twisperofficial

First up. I want to see villages transform into real life advent calendars, so maybe my first stop should be to Avenches. There, inhabitants and merchants decorate their windows in the style of an Advent Calendar to create a fairy-tale like atmosphere. They encourage tourists to go and check it out, and usually offer drinks and snacks to visitors. This year, they’d still love people to visit their magical town but there’ll be no grub… cos Covid. I’d love to go and experience this place! Wouldn’t it just be the icing on the cake if they dished out Swiss choccies too.

pics via Insta @avenchestourisme

This year, Fribourg is thinking about everybody who’s missing going to musical events, and so, has launched a real life musical advent calendar. 24 windows in different locations around Fribourg have been decorated to celebrate the 24 lieder of Schubert’s Winterreise. As it’s a calendar, a new window opens each day, and you can check it out on their website wintercalendrier here. If you’re visiting in person, you can also get a map from their site, then stroll the windows to your heart’s content. There’s also a pebble with a QR code at each stop, which you can scan and listen to the corresponding song. Cracking!

image via Jean-Luc Waeber YouTube

The valley of Schwarzsee has a chuffin ice palace! Every winter Ice Artist Karl Neuhaus, builds an enchanting world of ice and jazzes it up with lights at night time. It sounds otherworldly, and I wouldn’t mind having a magical stroll around.

Engelberg + Wengen
I can only dream of the day when I’ll pop to Wengen for its mulled wine festival (my kind of people!!), then go like the clappers along the slopes in Engelberg, as I go night-time tobogganing, and round the evening off with a raclette. A real event where you start at the top of a mountain and finish off having a cheesy nosh in a chalet. If you make it off the toboggan in once piece that is!. Check it out here.

Have you been to Switzerland? Swing by in my comments, and give me your tips!




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