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Feeling Swiss? Check Out Luca Hänni’s Album

pic via Insta @lucahaenni1

I’ve developed a mild Switzerland obsession since Friday’s post, and it’s got me thinking about their Eurovision entrants… Well, Luca Hänni  of course, and his belter of a catchy! So, I’ve had a snoop on his Insta, and Rona ain’t stopped him this year! He’s finished 3rd on Germany’s ‘Let’s Dance’, and is a Judge on ‘The Masked Singer’ Switzerland.

Most importantly, I found that he’s recently-ish released a new album called ‘110 Karat’. He Got Me as it’s filled to the brim with German language songs. You know I’m part Linguist, and will always have a soft spot for German since studying it at uni.

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Amongst its tracks, is his Eurovision hit ‘She Got Me’ as a bonus song, and it also features “Diamant”, which you might recognise as he released it in May. I watched him perform it with his dance partner Christina Luft on Germany’s Fernsehgarten. Some belter has plopped it on YouTube, so I’ve featured it below. Have a watch, cock and indulge me in my love for Fernsehgarten!

Got a fave song on the album? Tell me all about it down below!




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