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5 Swedish Things I Learnt In Gothenburg

As today I’m feeling a bit Swedish since I’ve spent the day watching the 2021 Melfest Artists trickle out, it’s got me reminiscing about my Gothenburg jollies. So, let me share with you five Swedish things that I learnt whilst there. I’ll get a Melfest Artists post up later in the week too!

I love island hopping and that makes Sweden perfect for me. The Gothenburg Archipelago has more than 20 islands, and boats regularly run between them, making them perfect for a daytrip. They have a much more laidback feel than mainland Gothenburg too. I opted for Styrsö island as I read it had beltin’ beaches and woods to hike in. First things first. I got off at the wrong island, which felt like an empty residential island and had to wait an hour for the next boat. I finally arrived at Styrsö, and it totally pissed it down. I spent the afternoon eating whilst sheltering under a cafe’s gazebo. The gazebo also collapsed and soaked me. All in all, it was very wet day. I’ll have to go back in sunnier times.

I struggled to get a proper brew. Now, Gothenburg seemed to be filled with fancy tea options but some times you can take the girl out of Manchester but not Manchester out of the girl, and I just need a Yorkshire style brew. On Styrsö island, I asked for a black tea and was presented with a mug filled with loose leaves and hot water. I felt like I was gonna choke on the bits. Never mind, eh. Still, Sweden has lot’s of nice herbal teas to choose from and even hot fruit soup. I’m often partial to a hot Ribena, so loved that.

On a bus going to the harbour I sat in a seat next to this sign. Educated guess – on Manc buses with old people signs or baby bumps, it means you have to move if they get on. So, I can only assume, I’d have to move for fishermen carrying their catches. If you know the real answer, plop it in my comments, love.

The Linguist inside me, will always love foreign words that sound like funny English words. All the more so if it’s a swear word. ‘Skum’ (scum) filled fire extinguishers will also do the trick for me. Yeah, I’ve looked it up and it means ‘foam’… obviously!

As fashion is one of the biggest polluters on the planet, I’m all for anything that works against counteracting it, so this conscious fashion shop was right up my street. I went for a mooch inside ‘Thrive’ and spotted that they offer lifetime repairs on jeans and if they’re beyond repair they’re recycled into sweaters. Plus, the boutique was filled with random informative signs about how destructive fashion is, with takeaway leaflets about charities you can support to help improve the industry. Because fucking hell, that’s one industry that’s in need of a massive overall!

I love learning about different euro cultures, so feel free to tell me some interesting Swedish facts in my comments, cock!





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